Concert of brass band from Vennesla – Norway

Vmk sort hvitt skjorter med skulderklaffer stort bilde

At the Lieu d’Europe parc on the 27th of May from 6p.m. until 7p.m.

The brass band from Vennesla is an amateur orchester that relies on the good mood of its 42 musicians of all ages. The youngest member is 18, the oldest member 70 years old. The brass band was founded in 1917 and celebrates thus this year its 100th anniversary.

The group is based in the municipality of Vennesla which is the third municipality of the Vest Agder region in Norway counting 15000 inhabitants.

Red Team

Their appearances in public include intimate Christmas concerts, traditional brass band concerts, the Parade on the National Day but also every year a great concert with a guest soloist which attracted more an audience of more than 1100 people.


The conductor is since 15 years Thomas Hansen. He is alumnus of the « Østlandets musikkonservatorium » in Norway and the « Los Angeles Music Acadamy» in the United States. He played in big professional orchestras in Norway: The blue ensemble of Norway and the National orchestra of Norway. At the moment he is working for the symphonic orchestra Kristiansand.

Under his leadership the brass band from Vennesla will play a varied selection of pieces of high technical difficulty but also modern pop ballades that the audience will certainly recognize.