Conference « Legacy of the Shoah » with Daniel Lemler

Daniel Lemler


Sunday, 12th February at 4.30 p.m., hall Daniel Riot

Za’hor. Remembering the Shoah, paradigm of all genocides and all massacres, is essential. It’s necessary but it’s not sufficient. Of what the Shoah is a symptom hasn’t finished with the armistice. Just on the contrary, not having learned the lessons from this event, neither on an institutional nor on a subjective level, we are confronted in our everyday life with its legacy. It is up to us to spring into action and to learn the lessons with view to working on our humanisation which is always in progress.

Daniel Lemler is psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Strasbourg. He is president of the “The living memory of the Shoah” association whose objective is to identify the recent dimension of the topic, here and now: What has been transmitted since 1945, and what remains of it, on individual as well as on the collective level.