Conference «The museums of the Shoah, Principles and missions »

Photo Dominique Chevqlier

Friday, 27th of January at 7.45 p.m. – Hall Daniel Riot

In general the museums dedicated to the painful memory of the Shoah, designed by renowned architects, represent both symbolic sites and products of very efficient territorial and cultural marketing. The special feature of these museums is not in the first place based on the quality of their collections (From this point of view the camps and sites of the catastrophe are much more compelling), but on the way in which they are going to tell this difficult story, through their bold museographical and architectural choices. The museums of the Shoah have by the way for this reason become models for all the other museums expressing different painful memories. These stories fall of course into the political, historical, geopolitical, commemorative, social, economic, urban and metropolitan fields, but despite their diverse origins their objectives remain identical: Economic because it is about attracting a significant number of visitors consisting of the general public, schools, specialists, witnesses, survivors or descendants who have to be provided with adopted resources, and ideological because every of these structures is presented as a national tool, seen in a global context for the promotion of peace and reconciliation.

Dominique Chevalier, Lecturer at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon, is interested in exactly these various contexts of museum buildings and their different missions.