Debate: Maps in the Making – from 1507 to 2017


Friday, September 29, 7pm at Lieu d’Europe

The Festival International de Géographie of Saint Dié moves to the  Lieu d’Europe for a conference on the production of maps from 1507 to 2017.

Maps have always accompanied sailors and explorers, but they weren’t produced by them. While the making of maps was reserved to geography artists, royal court members and members of the government, this process has been “democratized” over time. Drawing from the history of cartography, this conference discusses map production based on various case studies, from paper journals to a numeric atlas.

The contributors:

- Julien Thorez, CNRS, Mondes iranien et indien
- Véronique André-Lamat, Marina Duféal, lecturers at the Université de Bordeaux Montaigne
- Christian Grataloup, professeur emeritus, Université de Paris-Diderot

Host : Guillaume Fourmont, editor-in-chief, Carto and Moyen Orient.