Strasbourg and the world

Strasbourg has formed many valuable connections with the world beyond the European continent. Indeed, the fact that Strasbourg is the capital of Europe does not in any way impede its ability to create relationships and connections with non-European cultures and people.

Since 1960 Strasbourg has established five partnerships with different cities across the world. From the city of Stuttgart, Germany only 108 kilometers away, to Boston, the United States at 5908 kilometers away, every day Strasbourg works and interacts with different countries around the world becoming more and more interconnected in this globalized world.


Strasbourg’s five twin cities:

Boston (United States) 5908 km away since 1960

Leicester (United Kingdom) 771 km away since 1960

Stuttgart (Germany) 108 km away since 1962

Ramat-Gan (Israel) 3101 km away since 1991

Dresden (Germany) 700 km away 2003


Boston-Strasbourg partnership

The Boston-Strasbourg partnership is the oldest of these five sister-city partnerships, dating back to 1960. It was a Strasbourg native, Charles Munch, as the conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1949 to 1962, who began this partnership and it has never been as strong as it is today. Encouraged and promoted by their respective associations, the Boston Strasbourg City Association of Boston and the Association Alsace Etats-Unis of Strasbourg, the exchanges between these two cities are becoming ever more profound and revolve around three main axes.

The three axes of this partnership are (1) universities and research, (2) cultural exchanges and (3) youth exchange programs. In the years to come the two cities aim also to add an economic aspect to their relationship, related in particular to innovation (in the domains of biotechnology and medical technology) as well as urban transportation systems.

For more information on this partnership and all of Strasbourg’s partnerships please consult of the Eurométropole: