Exhibition “Objets transmissionnels”

Visuel Objets Transmissionnels 1

April 11 to 22

At the pavillon at the Lieu d’Europê

What do a shattered polish cup, a model plane, a napkin, a crying doll, a spoon with Third Reich insignia and a pile of hats have in common?

They are all objects that were received, kept and passed on by persons of the second and third generation after the Shoah. It is with a special attachment, a great tenderness and, sometimes, a touch of ambiguity that these persons make them their own.

Every object constitutes a puzzle that links it to its owner and contains an entire history of a life or a family lost. Every photo of these objects and the histories behind it is the result, not only of an “effort to remember” or a “obligation to remember”, but a “need to remember”. A strong testimony against forgetting!

  • Michel BORZYKOWSKI was born in Geneva as the son of jewish Shoah survivors. A retired doctor, he now follows his passions: music, nature, hiking and photography. As a co-animator of the «Réseau 2G»that reunited persons of the second and third generation after the Shoah at Geneva, he co-authored “Objets transmissionnels”.
  • Ilan LEW is a sociology researcher at the University of Geneva ay its School of Social Sciences.  His research focuses on collective violence and memory. He is co-author of  « Objets transmissionnels ».

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