Film projection “Le nom des 86″


Thursday, 17th November at 6.30 p.m. at the Daniel Riot hall – Lieu d’Europe

In presence of director Raphael Toledano, co-director Emmanuel Heyd and Ms. Frédérique Neau-Dufour, Director of the European centre of the deported resistance fighter.

“Le nom des 86” from Emmanuel Heyd and Raphael Tolédano (2014, 63′): 86 Jews, selected at the concentration camp Auschwitz, were deported to concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof in summer 1943 where a gas chamber had solely been built to kill them. August Hirt, director of the anatomic institute of Strasbourg, wants to create a collection of Jewish skeletons. How had this sinister project been revealed? What happened to the 86 Jews gassed for this anatomic collection? At the place of crime experts and contemporary witnesses report on one of the most tragic episodes of the Second World War, emblematically for the Holocaust and degeneration of science under the Nazism, by wondering about how to commemorate the crime and its ethical implications. But this story is primarily also about the fight of a German journalist who wants to give identities to these 86 men and women who had been reduced to a list of numbers. The unceasing search to find the names of the 86.

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Language: French