l’Europe en questions

From Wed. 17 January to Thu. 8 February

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Grands debats

The big debates at the University of Strasbourg

Approaching Europe by discussing its biggest challenges? The University of Strasbourg, the Lieu d’Europe and the city of Strasbourg will take on the challenge. Starting January 17 2018, the European project will be discussed by experts, scholars and students to shad light on economical, cultural, political and social questions.

 Wednesday, January 17: Which parliament for 2019 ?

With Daniel Cohn-Bendit, European delegate (1994-2014), co-president of the parliamentary group the Greens/ ALE


Thursday, 25 January: Free trade or fair trade ?

Invited : Paul Magnette, Walloon minister of health, Belgian federal minister of climate and energy, Belgian federal minister of public enterprises, science policy and development cooperation, president of the Walloon region, mayor of  Charleroi


Thursday, February 1st: Can we fight radicalization in Europe ?

Invited : Mourad Benchellali, former inmate of Guantanamo, activist for the prevention of radicalization in prisons


Thursday, February 8: Does Russia want to weaken Europe?

Invited : Pascal Boniface, geopolitics expert ad founder and director of IRIS – Institut de relations internationales et stratégique