Meeting « 2ème génération après la Shoah »

Visuel Objets Transmissionnels 1

Tuesday, april 17 at 7.00pm

As part of the exhibition « Objets transmissionnels ».

Hosted by Daniel Lemler and Michel Borzykowski, this evening presents the expierences of the Geneva network of the association « 2ème génération après la Shoah » .

  • Daniel LEMLER is psychiatrist and psychanalyst. He is president of the association « Mémoires vivantes de la Shoah ».
  • Michel BORZYKOWSKI was born in Geneva as the son of jewish Shoah survivors. A retired doctor, he now follows his passions: music, nature, hiking and photography. As a co-animator of the «Réseau 2G»that reunited persons of the second and third generation after the Shoah at Geneva, he co-authored “Objets transmissionnels”.

Discover the complete program here: ICI.