Conditions for visiting the Lieu d’Europe

I.Reception conditions:


Article I

The Lieu d’Europe is open from Tuesdays to Sundays included, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Lieu d’Europe is closed every Monday as well as on January 1st, May 1st, Easter Friday, November 1st, November 11th and December 25th.

Admission is free-of-charge and open to all (on condition that the exhibition hall is not already full).

Reservations are compulsory for groups.


Article 2

Admission into the museum ends 5 minutes before closing time.


Article 3

The Lieu d’Europe is entirely accessible to disabled persons with an access ramp outside and an elevator inside. The permanent exhibition is on the ground-floor and the C.I.I.E. is accessible by lift.


Article 4

Bicycles may only be parked on the racks outside the park.


Article 5

For safety reasons, visitors carrying:

- Luggage and suitcases,

- Large bags, rucksacks, packages,

- Sticks with unprotected sharp ends and any other pointed, cutting or blunt object,

- Umbrellas,

- Cumbersome objects,

- Seats,

- Prams, push-chairs or carriages, baby carriers with metallic frames, roller skates or scooters

Are requested to leave them at reception.

Objects may be left at reception on condition that there is sufficient room available. However, they may be refused if ever they appear incompatible with the safety of the site.

The Lieu d’Europe refuses any liability for damage, loss or theft.

Any objects deposited at the left-luggage office must be collected before closure on the same day.

Any unclaimed objects or lost objects that have been recovered will be kept for a year and a day.


Article 6

It is forbidden to bring the following articles into the establishment:

- Any arms or ammunition, except those belonging to public law enforcement personnel,

- Transistors and portable audio players, MP3, or any other apparatus capable of emitting music or sounds,

- Food and drink (authorized in the Rest Area),

- Dangerous objects,

- Animals, except for guide-dogs accompanying blind persons visiting the exhibition alone.

Portable phones must be switched off to avoid disturbing visitors.


Article 7

All complaints, claims or requests for information must be addressed to:

Lieu d’Europe




Article 8

Appropriate behavior and dress is required from all.


Article 9

Smoking is not allowed inside the Lieu d’Europe.


Article 10

- Crossing barriers and other systems intended for holding back the public,

- Painting graffiti, inscriptions or any other form of marking anywhere inside the Lieu d’Europe,

- Throwing paper or rubbish on the floor,

- Inconveniencing other visitors with noisy demonstrations,

- Distributing brochures or carrying out surveys or opinion polls within the establishment, without special authorization,

- Or carrying out any demonstration contrary to public morality,

is strictly forbidden.


Article 11

Visitors must comply with all instructions given to them by Lieu d’Europe staff for safety or service reasons.

In the event of any non-compliance, Lieu d’Europe staff may request offenders to leave the site immediately.





Article 12

So that their visits can be correctly organized, all school groups coming to the Lieu d’Europe are invited to register their visit 10 days before the date planned. The exhibition is recommended for pupils and students from the age of 10. For school groups, at least one leader is required for each group of 12 pupils, present throughout the visit and permanently watching over the group.

Non-compliance with these measures may lead to the group being excluded.

Group visits are to be carried out under the control of a guide or leader, who agrees to have the present regulations respected, to maintain order and discipline in the group and to prevent the group from inconveniencing other visitors. The group leader will deal with depositing luggage for the whole group. Therefore, no luggage may be returned individually.

Group visits may be limited at any time by the Lieu d’Europe depending on the reception capacity available or for reasons of service or safety.




Article 13

The Lieu d’Europe exhibition may be photographed or filmed for private purposes excluding any collective or commercial use.


Article 14

Journalists or any other persons needing to use flashes or special equipment for professional purposes must request for individual written permission.

In principle, the Lieu d’Europe retains all its rights of ownership.




Article 15

Any abnormal event must be reported immediately to a member of staff.


Article 16

If evacuation is required, visitors must comply with the instructions given by Lieu d’Europe staff.

If ever the sound alarm rings, visitors must leave rooms and go towards the emergency exits following the evacuation plan.

Any visitor who witnesses the removal or degradation of any object or any other malevolent act in the absence of a member of staff must give the alarm immediately.

If any such event takes place in the presence of a member of staff, visitors are required to give him/her assistance.


Article 17

In the event of any exceptional circumstances or the presence of too many visitors, measures may be taken for temporarily closing the establishment.