The European Journey invites you to experience a human-scale version of Europe. Follow the direction of the nails on the pavement, roam Strasbourg and experience Europe through a fun journey.

After the Lieu d’Europe opened in May and before submitting candidacy for the label “European Heritage”, the city of Strasbourg adopted a European Journey, enhancing the European district that comprises one of the wealthiest areas while also raising awareness among the general public, in particular the younger generation, about European integration.

Parcours d Europe

The guided tour offers a 2.5 km walk to nine of the major buildings and headquarters located in the heart of the European district.

The European Journey, a trilingual (English, French, German) tour highlighted with three different types of informational panels, will follow a particular trail: the Lieu d’Europe, the Agora, the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, the European Ombudsman, ARTE, the European Parliament, the European Youth Centre and the European Pharmacopoeia.

Some institutions, such as Parliament, the Council and the Court, are well-known by Strasbourgeois and tourists, while others are not. The tour will provide a spotlight on the other locations to make them equally well-known.

The designer has organized a fun set-up (puzzles, hourglasses, etc.) to emphasize the human qualities that govern the foundation of today’s Europe. Using wall panels and table panels, the tour also provides insight on the historical and institutional order. The third type of informational panel emphasizes the contributions of European policies in the daily lives of people.

Discover the European Journey on your smartphone:, Parcours d’Europe