The permanent exhibition

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Begin your visit to the site by immersing yourself in Europe with a visit to the exhibition.

The exhibition tells a story, or rather stories: the story of Europe of course, the story of Strasbourg as well, closely linked to Europe and the story of the numerous personalities who have worked on building this common destiny.

At the entrance, the voices of Winston Churchill, François Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl or even Lech Walesa greet visitors with a “curtain of sound”. The exhibition then takes you off to discover the major moments in the common history of Strasbourg and Europe, its geography and outstanding individual and collective commitments.

A historic fresco accompanied by very fine artwork relates Strasbourg’s development since its emancipation in the Holy Roman Empire during the Middles Ages, its central role in Rhineland humanism up to the successive wars that defied it. From being the symbol of Franco-German conflict, Strasbourg has become the symbol of reconciliation and European construction.

The exhibition also presents the missions of the different European institutions and the way they operate and it highlights their achievements: Amongst others, abolition of the death penalty, protection of minorities, equality between men and women or even defence of freedom of expression. The values embodied by these institutions, i.e. human rights, peace and democracy are especially honoured and illustrated by concrete decisions.